The work started in late winter. Tilling the soil for early planting in the early spring. This time the hillsides would be used for planting as well as the rich bottom land. Then in the summer came the extreme heat and dryness. Well, this combination of events created an unusually fine mixture for the bumper resin crop that has matured this October at the Resin Producer Plantation. Because of the different soil conditions, the resin vines on the hillsides has produced delightful varietal that is tingly and yet light on the palate as well as pocketbook. This varietal is perfect for the advance course, even though it does not have the punch of the main body vines found in the rich bottom lands. Here is one example of the hillside product. Can you name the ship, scale and manufacturer for October 2007 Mystery Model #2. Please post all answers to the message board.

07Oct2MM10.jpg (80809 bytes) 07Oct2MM11.jpg (68430 bytes) 07Oct2MM13.jpg (76908 bytes) 07Oct2MM12.jpg (71735 bytes)