Time out, Time out, Time out! Sorry to interrupt Chapter MMMCXIV of the fabled blue battleship discourse but before you turn blue in this frozen February, take a look at this Mystery Model. I can guarantee you that this model is NOT a blue battleship. Oh yea, this is February Mystery Model #1, as shown on the title, not #2 as shown in the photos below. There, I beat your snipers to pointing out the mistake. Can you identify the name of the ship, scale of the model and name of manufacturer?  Please post all answers to the message board.

07Feb1mm1.jpg (6696 bytes) 07Feb1mm2.jpg (10807 bytes) 07Feb1mm3.jpg (10572 bytes)
07Feb1mm4.jpg (6106 bytes) 07Feb1mm5.jpg (9378 bytes) 07Feb1mm6.jpg (9121 bytes)