For our continuing March Madness of Mystery Models, here is March Mystery Model #2. Since no one correctly answered the searing queries for March Mystery Model #1, perhaps this will be easier.  The photographs show the model with only four of her multiple parts dry-fitted. Can you identify the name of the ship, scale of the model and name of manufacturer?  Please post all answers to the message board.

07MarchM2M615.JPG (10379 bytes) 07MarchM2M606.JPG (10248 bytes) 07MarchM2M637.JPG (10314 bytes) 07MarchM2M616.JPG (10830 bytes)
07archM2M602.JPG (8727 bytes) 07MarchM2M619.JPG (13208 bytes) 07MarchM2M597.JPG (9764 bytes) 07MarchM2M612.JPG (7597 bytes)