New Releases from Superior


New Superior 1:1200 Scale Additions to "The Fleet that Never Was"

USS Lexington CB, USN Battlecruiser design of 1916 (A203) - This seven-funnel 35,000 ton battlecruiser design was the first design for the ship. She was designed for ten 14-inch and eighteen 5-inch guns. The ship could have served as a fleet scout, which could overwhelm screens of light ships. (Price: $29.50)

Design A140, Japanese Battleship design of 1935 (J111) - Based on an elongated YAMATO hull, this all-main-batteries-forward design, la Nelson. This 68,000-ton battleship would have had a cruising range of 9,200 miles. The designed armament was nine 18-inch, twelve 6.1-inch, and twelve 5-inch guns. (Price: $32.50)

New Superior 1:1200 Scale Additions to World War Two Fleets

Superior has produced five new models of warships of World War Two. The emphasis is on the Mediterranean with two new French and three new Italian warships. From left to right in the photograph are:

Le Hardi, French destroyer 1942 The class was the last French destroyer designed before the war. F603 (Price $7.00)

Primaguet, French light cruiser 1939 The ship was a classic French light cruiser design, whose main opponents were thought to be the warships of the Italian navy. As part of the three ship Duguay-Trouin Class, this was the first major French warship design following World War One. F403 (Price $13.50)

Bande Nere, Italian Light Cruiser 1939 Facing the very large destroyers entering the French Navy, the Regia Marina thought that they had the answer, a light cruiser with extraordinary speed but no armor. Giovanni Delle Bande Nere was one of the four-ship Da Barbiano Class, the first class of five succeeding classes of Italian light cruiser designs collectively called the Condottieri, named after famous Italian mercenary captains of the Renaissance. I403 (Price $13.50)

Cadorna, Italian light cruiser 1939 Luigi Cadorna and Armando Diaz were the two ships of the second of the five classes of Condottieri. The class, named after the Cadorna was again almost devoid of armor but the hull was strengthened from that of the preceding Da Barbiano Class. I404 (Price $13.50)

Trento, Italian Heavy Cruiser 1939 The first Italian cruiser design after World War Two was the two-ship Trento Class heavy cruisers. Working under the constraints of the Washington Treaty, the Regia Marina designed a ship with high speed, modest armor protection and eight 8-inch guns. I301 (Price $13.50)