Originally the United States Navy did not design battleships. The concentration was solely on the big gun, heavily armored battleship. However, with the early spectacular successes of British battlecruisers before the Battle of Jutland, the USN came around to the idea of producing their own greyhounds. The Lexington Class battlecruiser was the result. The initial design was a strange seven-funneled design with three funnels in centerline, interspersed with two sets of tandem funnels. The final design trunked the stacks into two massive funnels. Of course the Washington Treaty of 1921 ended the battlecruiser career of this class and Lexington and Saratoga of the class were converted into aircraft carriers. Superior Models, sold by Alnavco, has recently produced a 1:1200 scale model of the original seven-funneled design. Here are three views of Superior Models A203, USS Lexington, battlecruiser, seven-funnel initial design, displacing 35,500 tons and armed with ten-14-inch/50 and twenty-5-inch/51.

Lex191 BC2bw.jpg (86689 bytes) Lex1916CC1bw.jpg (57958 bytes) Lex1916BC1by.jpg (85061 bytes)

Bob Weymouth