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21 December 2006 USS Midway CV-41 1970, USN Aircraft Carrier - (Hai-543) Hai has produced a 1:1250 scale model of the USS Midway CV-41 as of 1970. Hai 543 has deck marking but does not come with aircraft. Added to the Producer's Gallery

31 October 2006 Dutch Delights - Models from the Netherlands & UK - Robert F. van Oosten sent in photographs of two scratch-built models and two rebuilt models. From the Netherlands there is the French missile cruiser Colbert, French light cruiser Gloire, and Swedish cruiser Göta Lejon, built or rebuilt by Jean Bodson. The USS South Dakota, battleship design, was scratch-built by Ron Hughes, one of the best model makers in the UK, who made this unique model in wood and added the finest details. Added to the Features Section. 

2 October 2006 Grumman TBF Avenger, Paper Model in 1:1250 Scale, Built by Michael Kaintoch - This plane was the entry by Michael Kaintoch for the unofficial 'TWE tiny challenge' on www.cardmodels.net. Everyone was invited to build a paper model of his own choice at 75% of the original size or smaller. After some consideration, he decided to do Fiddlersgreen's Grumman Avenger in 1/1250 scale at about 7.4% of original size. Added to the Features Section. 

22 September 2006 Chuyo, Japanese Aircraft Carrier, 1:1200 Scale, Scratch-Built by Titan To - This model of the Japanese carrier Chuyo is scratch-built in 1:1200 scale by Titan To of Hong Kong. Added to Reader's Gallery

6 August 2006 USS United States CVA58, Aborted Super-Carrier - (CM-P 1030) CM models has introduced a model of the design of USS United States, the first true super-carrier. Text and photographs by Bob Weymouth.  Added to the Producer's Gallery

23 July 2006 HMS Delhi 1942, Neptun Model, Modified and Painted by Thomas Schröder - After a refit in USA ,the light cruiser HMS Delhi of the D-class (first world war design, 4.850 tons/length 472 ft) appeared in a three-tone admiralty disruptive design and and with a unique armament. As such, she is shown here, in the Atlantic in 1942. This Neptun model (N-1148) was modified and painted by Thomas Schröder. Added to the Features Section. 

29 June 2006 Type VIIC U-Boat in Heavy Seas - This is an unusual subject, or rather it is an unusual manner in which to present a well known subject. Rather than have a pristine Type VIIC U-Boat, fresh from the yard with a brand new coat of paint, Nautic-Art shows the boat in heavy seas. Added to the Producer's Gallery

25 June 2006 Shoho, Light Aircraft Carrier, Neptun 1226 - Shoho holds the distinction of being the first Japanese aircraft carrier lost during World War Two. She was involved in operations against New Guinea, which resulted in the Battle of the Coral Sea. On May 7, 1942 a strike from USS Yorktown CV-5 found Shoho and quickly sent her to the bottom with bombs and torpedoes. Her sinking was marked with the phrase "Scratch one flattop!" Neptun #1226 is the Shoho during her very brief carrier as a carrier from January to May 1942. Added to the Producer's Gallery

19 June 2006 Superior/Alnavco "Never-Were" Releases - Here are four 1:1200 scale models of battleship designs, which were never completed, from Superior/Alnavco, in their "Never-Were" series. Photographs and text by Bob Weymouth. Added to the Producer's Gallery

14 May 2006 HMS Furious, Neptun Model, Modified and Painted by Peter Ohm - Here are the first pictures of the Neptun HMS Furious in 1942 modified by Peter Ohm. The changes are modifications to the hull to give the flight deck a correct horizontal position. All masts and catwalks were self-made from wire, stretched sprue and photo-etched parts. Added to the Features Section. 

30 April 2006 The Castle Sisters; Rushen Castle PHF-16, Peel Castle PHF-17, Ramsey PHF-18 - Chris Hankin of Pier Head Models sent in these photographs and commentary of three Castle Sisters. These are the "Castle sisters" of the IOMSP. They originated as three of the series of seven "Duke" sisters of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway. All saw distinguished war service in WW I. Added to the Producer's Gallery

23 April 2006 Redoutable, French Nuclear Submarine, Quadant, Photographs by Ulrich Rudofsky - Among the long list of superb submarine models presently launched or "under construction" by Alain Picouet (QUADRANT) is the French Marine Nationale REDOUTABLE (1967). This finely made, hand-painted model is illustrated here. The French submarine is a museum ship in Cherbourg. Added to the Producer's Gallery

15 April 2006 Royal Dutch Diorama by Hans Dorlas - Here is the new Seavee model of Vulkaan and the H class destroyer Garland from Neptun. One sailed for the Dutch navy with the name Marnix at the same time as the Vulkaan. Hans Dorlas placed the models in my his diorama setting. Hans also painted the models in the original colors of the Royal Dutch Navy. Added to the Features Section. 

8 April 2006 USS Phelps DD-360, Paperlab, Modified & Painted by Thomas Schröder - Last year Thomas Schröder bought the new model, USS Phelps from Paper Lab, and was amazed of that quality. At the same time he checked the few number of possible improvements and here is the result. It seems to be incredible, but it is possible to do some improvements on the new Paper Lab Models, like USS Phelps, DD 360. Added to the Producer's Gallery

31 March 2006 Japanese Cruisers by Konishi - Here are three Konishi models of Japanese cruisers. Haguro, Konishi #314, depicts the cruiser around 1930 in her as built configuration with one catapult. Mikuma, Konishi #402, depicts that cruiser as built with fifteen 6.1-inch guns and Tenryu, Konishi #403, the oldest Japanese cruiser design to see active combat service in World War Two. All photographs are by Chris Daley of 1250ships.com. Added to the Producer's Gallery

28 March 2006 Pier Head Models, Four Ships from the Line - Chris Hankin of Pier Head Models sent in these photographs of four ships in his lineup. Additionally he provided the commentary about the subjects. Included are the Mersey ferry Birkenhead, the Railway Steamer Coleen Bawn, the tug Throstlegarth and the oil separation vessel Xanthus. Added to the Producer's Gallery

23 March 2006 Eagan Ships Makes Debut with Two New Models - John Eagan started a new company for producing 1:1200 scale models known as EAGAN SHIPS. He has two new offerings. The first one is SS Quistconck lead ship of the 110 "Hog Island" class of freighter. The second one is USS Vega, a Navy transport that was unloading ammo at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked. Added to the Features Section. 

5 March 2006 Undocumented Neptun Variations by Peter Ewell - From time to time, discussions on the 1250Scale Board have noted the fact that Neptun issues new versions of existing models under the same number—and does so without advertising the fact. Peter Ewell has compiled an extensive list of such undocumented variations. These changes can be found under three categories: Alt Models - These are models from the early years of Neptun; Re-Issues - These are models rerun but with sharper detail or extra detail added; Changes - These are models where Neptun made significant, substantive changes to the model. Added to the Features Section. 

17 February 2006 USS Saratoga, Conversion of the Neptun Lexington by Peter Ohm - This model of USS Saratoga CV-3 is a conversion of the Neptun Lexington. Peter Ohm did a remarkable job with this replica of the prewar Sara. Added to the Reader's Models section under aircraft carriers. 

28 January 2006 USS Colorado, US Battleship 1920, Navis #300N This model by Navis portrays the USS Colorado as she appeared upon completion. Three of these ships were the last battleships to be completed for the USN before the start of World War Two. Added to the Producer's Gallery

25 January 2006 Refueling Iowa , Diorama by Thomas Schröder - The scene shows the Neptun Iowa shortly before a refueling by AO-22 USS Cimarron, also Neptun, but converted long before the new Neptun version in camouflage. Diorama by Thomas Schröder. Added to the Features Section. 

8 January 2006 Added to the Producer's Gallery

   Luna Moshulu - Four masted Windjammer painted and detailed by Joachim Thiel in a Luna drydock.


30 November 2005 Fuso, Japanese Battleship 1936, Neptun 1204 Known for her towering pagoda superstructure, Fuso was the first Japanese battleship to mount 14-inch guns. These are photographs of Neptun #1204 of Fuso in 1936. Added to the Producer's Gallery

28 November 2005 Here are two battleships and one aircraft carrier produced in the 1930s by Tremo. Added to the Producer's Gallery

   Tremo Huso (Fuso), Japanese Battleship, #2, #3, #4 
   Tremo Kaga, Japanese Carrier, #2, #3, #4 
   Tremo Marat, Soviet Battleship, #2, #3, #4 

18 November 2005 Yorktown Class Carriers, A Comparison by Henry Snyder, Superior 1:1200 Scale Henry Snyder looks at the Superior 1:1200 scale model kits for the Yorktown Class carriers. Yorktown CV-5, Enterprise CV-6 and Hornet CV-8 were finished by Henry in different camouflage measures. Added to the Features Section. 

16 November 2005 Barletta Class Italian Motor Ships, Delphis Models 1:1250 Scale - These are models Motonave (motor ship) Barletta Class in 1:1250 scale produced by the Italian firm of Delphis. The photographs show ships in the class in some different colors and configurations, from civilian service to configuration as armed transports for the Regia Marina in World War Two. Delphis of Rome, Italy is very well known for their very high quality resin models in 1:700 and 1:350 scales, produced these 1:1250 models in kit form exclusively for the Waterline International Club. Added to the Features Section. 

31 October 2005 New Superior Releases at the 40th Anniversary of Alnavco - Here are just three of the never were releases. First shown at the 40th Alnavco Anniversary in September 2005.  The first is Superior Model J112, not 113, which is a different model, of the Japanese YAMATO preliminary design A140A2. The second, US BB Design 1917 was No166 in Friedman's book, US Battleships, an Illustrated Design History. The last is British BC design F3. produced after the cancellation of the G3 class BC's by the Washington Treaty. Also shown is a complete listing of new models. By Bob Weymouth. Added to the Features Section. 

29 October 2005 TreForrest Moulding, known as Tremo, was founded in the 1930s by German émigrés to Great Britain. They had been with Wiking in Germany but did not like the political changes happening in their country. These models were produced in the 1930s. Added to the Producer's Gallery

     Tremo USS Omaha, Light Cruiser, #2, #3, #4 
     Tremo USS Pensacola, Heavy Cruiser, #2, #3, #4
     Tremo USS Salt Lake City, Heavy Cruiser, #2, #3, #4 

12 October 2005 The Alnavco Celebration, 40th Anniversary at the Nauticus Museum in Norfolk, Virginia - The Alnavco meeting in September 2005 for their 40th Anniversary brought together about 50 ship collectors and master modelers.  Sue and Pete Paschal and Pete Jr. were wonderful hosts and the venue at the Nauticus Museum with the USS Wisconsin moored right outside the window made the entire evening a wonderful experience. By Charles Jones. Added to the Features Section. 

18 September 2005 T2 Tanker in Brass and Copper - While larger than 1:1250 scale this model of a T2 tanker shows the detail that can be worked into scratch-built models. This model in 1:1000 scale was built by L.B. Scaecken entirely of brass and copper. Photographs by Hans Dorlas. Added to the Reader's Models in the Transports Section. 

31 August 2005 Added three models to the Producer's Gallery.

   Albatros Chusan, P&O Liner 1950-1973 (AL-125) Photograph from collectableships.com (MSM) 
   Hai Kaiserin Elisabeth, Austrian Steam Frigate 1854 - (Hai-486) Photograph from collectableships.com (MSM) 
   Mercator Sea Princess. Liner - (M-937b) Photograph from collectableships.com (MSM) 

22 August 2005 USS Normandy CG-60 1994, AS-17B - USS Normandy CG-60 was laid down at Bath Iron Works, Bath, Maine, on April 7, 1987, launched March 19, 1988 and commissioned on December 9, 1989. Argos produces an exceptional model of Normandy shown as of 1994(AS-17B). Added to the Producer's Gallery

16 August 2005 Guepard, French Destroyer, Clydeside 1:1200 Scale - The attention of Paul Jacobs was grabbed recently when Bill Gilpin released his series of six French contre-torpilleurs, of the AIGLE/CASSARD classes. As a great fan of the French Navy Paul was immediately interested. These models, of MAILLE BREZE, TARTU, GUEPARD, VALMY, ALBATROS, and EPERVIER represent each ship in different rigs, all but the first being in 1941-2 configurations. Paul looks at the Guepard from Clydeside in 1:1200 scale. Added to the Producer's Gallery

20 July 2005 Converting the Cairo, HMS Cairo Operation Pedestal 1942, Converted from Neptun Cairo 1939 - The Neptun (N-1149a) model of the AA cruiser HMS Cairo depicts the ship in 1939. Peter Ohm wished to have the Cairo as she appeared in August 1942 for Operation Pedestal. To do this, Peter completely rebuilt the Neptun model. Here is how he did it. Added to the Features Section. 

Added Events-1250 Link to main page. This German language site reflects all of the current events in Europe, happening in the world of 1:1250 scale models. 

13 July 2005 C-3 Freighter in Brass and Copper - This is a model of a C-3 freighter built by Bert Schaecken. He builds his models in limited quantities. They are made in copper and brass in 1:1250 scale. All models are made one by one, handmade in a small series. All photographs by Hans Dorlas. Added to the Reader's Models in the Transports Section. 

3 July 2005 USS California BB-44 (1944) - One of the newest models from Neptun is the USS California BB-44 (N-1304a) after she appeared after her major reconstruction from 1942 to 1942. With her new appearance she has far greater beam and is loaded down with 20mm Oerlikon and 40mm Bofor AA guns. Added to the Producer's Gallery

17 June 2005 The Warships Of James Gray - Here are photographs of 1:1200 scale warships scratch-built by James D. Gray. They feature late 19th century designs of the Royal Navy, HMS Hood & early destroyers, and the Marine Nationale, Hoche & Jaureguiberry. Added to the Features Section. 

31 May 2005 Delta III, Soviet Ballistic Missile Submarine 1975 - Alain Picouet of Quadrant Models had a large number of USN and Soviet subs at the NYC 1250 scale meeting. The one pictured attached is the 1975 Soviet DELTA III Ballistic Missile Submarine. Photographs by Ulrich Rudofsky. Added to the Producer's Gallery

16 May 2005 USS Lafayette, Ex-Normandie, Troop Transport - (Q25) Most would agree that the Normandie was one of, if not the most beautiful passenger liners ever created. She was in New York when France fell to the German Army and the USN decided to convert her to a troop transport, renamed as Lafayette. Tragically she caught fire at the New York pier and capsized under the weight of water pumped into her to fight the fire. Photographs from Ulrich Rudofsky. Added to the Producer's Gallery

1 May 2005 1250 Page: May 2005 Mystery Model(s) - These photographs depicted three different classes of destroyers painted in Spanish Civil War Neutrality Patrol Colors. For the 1250 Page May Mystery Model(s) - Can you - (1)- Name the three classes depicted; (2)- Identify the Nickname of the three classes; (3)- Name the manufacturer of the models. Added to the Features Section. 

25 April 2005 German Airfields in 1:1250 Scale, Welfia - Here are a few photographs from Joachim Thiel of two airfields in 1:1250 scale made by Welfia years ago. The planes were made by HDS, Rhenania and CAP. The first is the airfield at Travemünde, the second is an airfield anywhere in Germany, using flat fields, tents and makeshift facilities for tactical aircraft. Added to the Features Section. 

18 April 2005 USS Langley CV-1, The USN's First Carrier, Mountford Metal Miniatures 1:1200 Scale - Mountford Models of the United Kingdom has released a 1:1200 scale model of America's first aircraft carrier, the USS Langley CV-1. The hull is resin with white metal detail parts. Product Review by Cato. Added to the Product Reviews Section. 

7 April 2005 Gotland, Swedish Minelaying Cruiser 1936 - (AR-707) Ulrich Rudofsky takes a look at the Argonaut model of the Swedish Minelaying Cruiser Gotland (AR-707) and looks at her run in with the battleship Bismarck in May 1941. Added to the Producer's Gallery

31 March 2005 USS Enterprise (1964) - Here are a few photographs of the USS Enterprise made by Argos. The planes and vehicles are from Argos, Trident and CAP. Photographs from Joachim Thiel. (AS-68) Added to the Producer's Gallery

25 March 2005 Tirpitz, Queen of the North in Her Lair, Diorama with Neptun 1001 - No, this is not the deluxe Neptun camouflaged Tirpitz T1001. That model is in her 1942 camouflage scheme. This is the standard Tirpitz, Neptun 1001, painted in the camouflage scheme she wore from October 1943 to March 1944. Paul Jacobs not only painted and rigged the Tirpitz but also built a fjord for the lair of the "Queen of the North". Added to the Features Section

10 March 2005 USS Washington 1941, Back Dating Neptun N-1302a - Paul Jacobs was inspired by the model of the Neptun NORTH CAROLINA in Thomas Schroeder 's web site (see the Collector's Links in this site) to try his own conversion. Thomas took the Neptun WASHINGTON (N 1302a) and removed all the 20 mm guns and made additional modifications to back date the ship to 1941. Following his example Paul did his own version of sister ship WASHINGTON as is shown in the photos. Added to the Features Section

22 January 2005 USS Intrepid, Essex Class Carrier, 1970s - These are a few photographs of the USS Intrepid model from Argos. The planes were new painted as shown in Warships Data 4. The model depicts the ship in her late career with the angled flight deck. The ship is still in existence as a museum located in New York City. Photographs from Joachim Thiel. Added to Producer's Gallery

8 January 2005 Atlantic Liners, Tri-ang & Mercator Passenger Liners in Ocean Settings - These photographs from Kenneth Barton show a series of passenger liner models produced by Tri-ang and Mercator. They are placed in realistic settings and the models are available from Kenneth at his web site at www.re-berth.com. Added to the Features Section

1 January 2005 Minnie Gets a New Dress - There are camouflage schemes and there are camouflage schemes. However, no other warship had a camouflage scheme like that of USS Minneapolis CA36 did when she left Mare Island from a major refit in August 1943. The cruiser was painted to resemble a destroyer. The Superior 1:1200 scale model of USS Minneapolis A311 portrays here in her 1945 fit but still provided the ideal canvas to try out this unique camouflage scheme. Added to the Features Section

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