These are photographs of Trident's 1:1250 scale model of Akagi (T-1065) in her 1930 appearance. This model shows the ship prior to her 1936 reconstruction. It generated quite a few comments at the recent 1:1250 East Coast collectors meeting. Many didn't know such a model of the ship existed.

Akagi1930TridentT1065-4.JPG (30369 bytes) Akagi1930TridentT1065-1.JPG (41179 bytes) Akagi1930TridentT1065-5.JPG (36896 bytes)
Akagi1930TridentT1065-3.JPG (35458 bytes) Akagi1930TridentT1065-6.JPG (42730 bytes) Akagi1930TridentT1065-2.JPG (49756 bytes)

The ship was built with three flying-off decks in anticipation that this arrangement would allow a quick launching of a strike force. As aircraft grew in size the total number of aircraft carried shrank because the ship had a very limited hangar area due to the presence of the three decks. The design was never as efficient as hoped because flights from the decks would have to be staggered anyway to prevent collisions and the small hangar could only prep a limited number of aircraft. Also, it could not have been too much fun threading the needle between the two eight-inch gun turrets on the middle deck.  Akagi was a far more formidable carrier after she was reworked to just one flight deck.