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Available from Pacific Front

Photographed by Rob Mackie

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Laconia by Rhenania. Cunard liner (1911) on Liverpool-NY-Boston run new2.gif (148 bytes) Laconia 1911 Rhenania 02.jpg (50314 bytes) Laconia 1911 Rhenania.jpg (83782 bytes)
Phoenicia (1894) by Rhenania new2.gif (148 bytes) Phoenicia Rhenania 1894 02.jpg (43645 bytes) Phoenicia Rhenania 1894.jpg (50197 bytes)
Lusitania by Rhenania. Its sinking by off German sub off Ireland helped bring US into WW1 new2.gif (148 bytes) Lusitania Rhenania 02.jpg (40918 bytes) Lusitania Rhenania.jpg (87571 bytes)
1930s Dutch liner Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt by Noordzee. This is the recently released cruise ship (late 50s) variant. Very nice. $89 Johan Cruise 02.jpg (23175 bytes)
Port profile
Johan Cruise 03.jpg (18919 bytes)
Johan Cruise 04.jpg (25393 bytes)
Quarterdeck profile
IJN Battleship Mikasa, flagship of Adm Togo at Tsushima, 1906.
From Navis, $49
Mikasa02.jpg (30628 bytes) Mikasa01.jpg (14320 bytes)
Potosi (1895) carried freight Europe-Chile. Rigged! From GEM Ship Miniatures  $75 Potosi 01.jpg (38546 bytes) Potosi 02.jpg (35185 bytes)
Typhoon from Argos $17.50 Typhoon.jpg (22754 bytes)
Pamir (1905) 4-masted barque carrying freight Chile-Europe. A rigged beauty from GEM Ship Miniatures  $75 Pamir01.jpg (41755 bytes) Pamir02.jpg (38628 bytes)
WW2 Italian light cruiser Colleoni, by Neptun $46 Colleoni.jpg (18095 bytes)
USS Bagley (Knox class frigate) from Argos $49 Bagley 01.jpg (20805 bytes) Bagley 02.jpg (6658 bytes)
Helena Sloman (1850) Steam and sail passenger ship Hamburg-New York GEM Ship Miniatures   $60 Helena Sloman 01.jpg (29558 bytes) Helena Sloman 02.jpg (28654 bytes)
France II (1915) World's largest 5-masted barque. 128m length. France-New Caledonia route. GEM Ship Miniatures  $75 France II 01.jpg (44545 bytes) France II 02.jpg (42710 bytes)
Neptun USS Lexington  $125
Click here for review 
Lexington01.jpg (23777 bytes)
Bremen IV from Carlos Marquadt   $75  Bremen01.jpg (31274 bytes) Bremen02.jpg (36651 bytes) Bremen03.jpg (28323 bytes)
Saxon, by Albatros $58 Saxon01.jpg (21106 bytes) Saxon02.jpg (19522 bytes)
Titanic, from Carlos Marquadt.   $69  Titanic01.jpg (20747 bytes)
Imperator, from Carlos Marquadt.   $69  Imperator01.jpg (19765 bytes)
MV Kedoe, by Noordzee  $69   Kedoe01.jpg (18010 bytes)
WW2 Royal Navy battleship Valiant, by Neptun   Valiant.jpg (26773 bytes) Valiant01.jpg (16666 bytes)
Carlos Marquadt Carpathia, the ship that rescued Titanic survivors  $49  Carpathia01.jpg (16354 bytes)
Yahagi, an attractive IJN light cruiser sunk with Yamato in 1945, by Neptun Yahagi08.jpg (20078 bytes) Yahagi09.jpg (19398 bytes)
Beowulf, a German coast defense batteship circa 1890, by Navis   Beowulf07.jpg (21874 bytes)
Navis Copy makes the Rurik, a nifty Imperial Russian Navy pre-dreadnought. Rurik14.jpg (16487 bytes) Rurik15.jpg (21063 bytes)
Japanese Torpedo depot ship Karasaki was launched in late 19th century.  Note the bow.  Karasaki10.jpg (26084 bytes) Karasaki11.jpg (20925 bytes)
IJN Light Cruiser Isuzu by Neptun  Isuzu13.jpg (22813 bytes) Isuzu12.jpg (23355 bytes)
Argos produces the DDG Arleigh Burke, the latest US missile destroyer.  Detail and execution are both oustanding.  Burke18.jpg (20938 bytes) Burke19.jpg (26331 bytes)

Burke20.jpg (12839 bytes)

Quadrant Midway class carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt may be the ultimate model in this scale.  Remarkable detail (everything pictured is included) and qualilty- and priced accordingly at $350  FDR01.jpg (57933 bytes) FDR04.jpg (37606 bytes)

FDR06.jpg (39035 bytes)

FDR07.jpg (58985 bytes)
Noordzee Modellen (Holland) makes the Boschfontein both as a merchant ship (1934) and as an allied troop transport (1944).   $70 

Boschmil23.jpg (41929 bytes)

BOS10A.jpg (46411 bytes)

Boschcomparative.JPG (50490 bytes)

Trans-Atlantic liner Niew Amsterdam (1906) by Noordzee.  $95  niewamsterdam16.jpg (53229 bytes)
Ocean liner Lafayette sporting a dazzle scheme during its service as a WW II troop ship.  By Quadrant.   $230  Lafay10.jpg (49472 bytes) Lafay11.jpg (36523 bytes)
The Dutch liner Oranje, by Noordzee, as it appeared during WW II when the Royal Australian Navy used it as a hospital ship.  $90  oranj23.jpg (41539 bytes)
Quadrant makes the USN heavy cruiser Newport News.  $150  newport12.jpg (30184 bytes) Newport15.jpg (22674 bytes)
Armed tug Zwarte Zee as it appeared during Normandy landings.  By Noordzee  $34  Zwarter Zee.jpg (21549 bytes)
IJN Battleship Yamashiro,   produced by Neptun.  $92 

Yamashiro.jpg (32745 bytes)

Yamashiro16.jpg (31396 bytes)
Noordzee makes the Dutch liner Maasdam $79  maasdam26.jpg (53689 bytes)
Navis makes the German WW1 Battlecruiser Derflinger, perhaps the best ship of its type.  $64   Derf01.jpg (45473 bytes) Derf04.jpg (35556 bytes)
Dutch liner Johan Van Oldenbarnevelt (1930s) by Noordzee.  Comes in both civilian ($95) and military ($90) versions  johan1934.jpg (20044 bytes) Johan1944.jpg (16686 bytes) johancomparison.jpg (46772 bytes)
RN WW1 Light Cruiser Cardiff, by Navis.  $35  Cardiff20A.jpg (38106 bytes) Cardiff19A.jpg (30159 bytes)
Ulysses,   Glasgow-Brisbane service.  Launched 1913, sunk by U-boat off Florida 1942.   Jurgen Streich.  $65 UL08.jpg (25681 bytes) UL09.jpg (33760 bytes)
German WW1 battleship Konig survived a heavy battering at Jutland.  By Navis $54 
Konig12A.jpg (59292 bytes) Konig13A.jpg (50468 bytes)
Queen Ace (trans-Pacific auto transport) by Jurgen Streich.  5,650 car capacity (vehicles not included)  $89   Ace06.jpg (19249 bytes) Ace07.jpg (23608 bytes)
Windsor Castle (1959) by Albatros  $75 Castle02.jpg (31424 bytes) Castle04.jpg (41814 bytes)
Akagi, by Neptun, launched the Pearl Harbor attack. Sunk at Midway  $120  akagi05.jpg (29906 bytes) akagi01.jpg (26359 bytes)
Heavy cruiser Alaska, graceful lines, 12" guns-a real beauty. By Neptun  $95  alaska14.jpg (41370 bytes) alaska.20.jpg (61807 bytes)
The Neptun DKM battleship Tirpitz comes camo painted out-of-the-box.  $100

tirp21.jpg (26068 bytes)

tirp22.jpg (53369 bytes)
Neptun USS Missouri is crammed with detail.  Extraordinary.  $95 ms27.jpg (44566 bytes) ms26.jpg (42721 bytes)
Santa Rosa Ships produces the resin cast 1/1200 scale Tanker Kentucky, damaged and later sunk while supplying Malta.   $55 ken13.jpg (39749 bytes) ken15.jpg (39005 bytes)
Neptun makes Baltimore, name ship of the WW2 USN heavy cruiser class.  $70 balt17.jpg (62176 bytes) balt20.jpg (35969 bytes)
IJN Battleship Nagato by Neptun. The pagoda mast detail on this kit is outstanding.  $92

nagat02.jpg (58441 bytes)

nagat12.jpg (31173 bytes)
Essex Class Carrier USS Ticonderoga by Neptun.  Carrier planes available separately.  $98 tico15_small.jpg (1545 bytes) tico19_small.jpg (1960 bytes)
Battlecruiser HMS Renown by Navis (Germany), the largest and best known producer of 1250 scale ships,  $82

125010.jpg (27437 bytes)

125011.jpg (52973 bytes)

Noordzee Modellen   makes the Klipfontein, a Dutch merchant ship launched in 1939 and used by the US as a trans-Pacific troop transport.  $65

125002.jpg (28132 bytes)

KlipfonteinAP.jpg (25224 bytes)

Albatros-Modell (Germany) makes the liner Oceanic.  Launched in 1901, she worked the Liverpool-New York trans Atlantic run for White Star Lines.  This is a gorgeous model, my wife's favorite. $72

125016.jpg (11725 bytes)
Starboard profile view

125021.jpg (64226 bytes)
Check out this pic

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klipfontein.jpg (12543 bytes)