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USS Salem
(CA 139)

Heavy Cruiser
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Preview of the
Iron Shipwright
1:700 Scale Waterline Resin Kit

The USS Salem and her sister ships Des Moines and Newport News were the ultimate in World War II heavy cruiser development. She carried fully automatic 8" guns, 6" 38 caliber secondary armament and a full complement of 3"/50 rapid fire AA guns. Originally designed to carry 4 floatplanes, they were obsolete by the time of her 1949 commissioning and in service she carried a utility helicopter.

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Click photo for the Warship photo tour of the USS Salem

The Iron Shipwright 1:700th scale USS Salem features a resin-cast one-piece waterline hull, resin parts and photo-etch brass fret. (See below for photos of the kit's parts). The kit will be available mid February for $60 shipping included (Foreign orders have shipping charge). Checks and money orders are accepted.  For more information contact

Commander's Models/Iron Shipwright
 551 Wegman Road
 Rochester, NY 14624

Toll free phone
888-IRONSHIP (476-6744)
Email: dparis@eznet.net

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Hull casting
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Forecastle profile
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Forecastle plan view
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Quarterdeck plan view
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Bridge levels, gun tubs and 8" turrets
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Directors, secondary armament, & masts
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Etched brass

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