These are pictures of my 1:350 HMS Agincourt. This is the first model I made from scratch. I want to thank Steve Nutall for the gun barrels and a big thank you to Ted Paris of Commander Models for casting the turrets from a master that I made and the accessories for the model. The photo-etch came from Tom's Modelworks. (The model shows the appearance of the ship as the Turkish, Sultan Osman I, at trials in July 1914. The prominent flying boat bridge, known as the Marble Bridge,  over turrets #3 and #4 was in the original design but was removed at the Armstrong's Yard on the Tyne in August 1914 immediately after the ship was seized by the British government and renamed HMS Agincourt. The 5th photograph shows the ship with anti-torpedo nets and booms. These were also removed in August 1914.)

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Ken Mackenzie