The Airfix 1:600 scale kit of Canberra is a bit of a dog but I really like the ship so I had to endure the pain and agony of cutting and reshaping until i got everything to fit together. I put it on a simple base to finish it off.

can7kk.JPG (59885 bytes) can2kk.JPG (47530 bytes) can5kk.JPG (65462 bytes)
can11kk.JPG (67245 bytes) can6kk.JPG (57981 bytes) can3kk.JPG (58582 bytes)
can9kk.JPG (79207 bytes) can12kk.JPG (54390 bytes) can18kk.JPG (92451 bytes) can19kk.JPG (88130 bytes)
can21kk.JPG (62724 bytes) can15kk.JPG (43090 bytes) can14kk.JPG (63124 bytes) canberra99kk.JPG (61188 bytes)

Katseas Kostas