This is my newly built Airfix 1/600 scale HMS Fearless. I used White Ensign Models photo-etch parts, Skywave parts for the seacat missile, Phalanx CIWS and scratch built parts to enhance this model.

Fear233cws.JPG (11441 bytes) Fear252cws.JPG (11107 bytes) Fear250cws.JPG (14010 bytes)
Fear235cws.JPG (14818 bytes) Fear244cws.JPG (15333 bytes) Fear248cws.JPG (14522 bytes)
Fear251cws.JPG (12290 bytes) Fear254cws.JPG (14604 bytes) Fear247cws.JPG (12866 bytes) Fear255cws.JPG (11993 bytes)

Chee Wee Sim