I was inspired to build a model of HMS Hood after my neighbour lent me a video of the documentary relating the history of Hood and Bismarck and Richard Mearns expedition to find and film both wrecks. I got caught up in the tragedy of Hood's loss and the ensuing hunt to sink the Bismarck in retaliation. I opted for the Airfix kit both for its cheap price and extra size which is quite significant over the Tamiya kit. The only thing wrong is that the Airfix kit is the wrong period fit in its configuration for the Battle of the Denmark Strait against Bismarck, but during research on the HMS Hood website I discovered that Hood visited Auckland, New Zealand, where I live, in 1927. So I opted to build the kit as she would have looked during this visit.

Hood250JDa.jpg (47006 bytes) Hood246JDa.jpg (72055 bytes) Hood247JDa.jpg (54583 bytes) Hood249JDa.jpg (49850 bytes)

I used White Ensign Model's excellent photo-etch set, their resin boats of various types, as well as the kits steam pinnaces and resin pom-poms, all of which turn the kit into a real stunner. Paint was WEM Colourcoats throughout and the sea base is painted household polyfilla.

Hood245JDa.jpg (89019 bytes) Hood248JDa.jpg (53439 bytes) Hood242JDa.jpg (63748 bytes)

I really enjoyed this build, which took about 9 months, especially the research, which I usually don't bother with too much. It's my second completed ship model, my first submission to Steelnavy, and yes, I know my digital photography has a long way to go.

John Darlington
Auckland, New Zealand