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USS Alabama

BB 60
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Photographed by Scott Spencer at
Battleship Memorial Park
Mobile, Alabama

USS Alabama 1945
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South Dakota
Type: Battleship
Launched: February 16, 1942
At: Norfolk Navy Yard, Portsmouth, Virginia
Commissioned: August 16, 1942

Length: 680 feet
Beam: 108 feet
Draft: 36 feet
Displacement: 35,000 tons
Armament: Nine 16-inch/45 caliber, twenty 5-inch/38 caliber, forty-eight 40mm and fifty-two 20mm guns

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Citadel. Nice pic
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Cool view from citadel
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View looking aft high up
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Quarterdeck detail
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40mm Bofors deck level mount
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Nice pic.  Note manhole covers for tank access
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5" DP twin mounts
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View from the bow
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So that's what's inside the ears of a 16" turret
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16" guns are BIG
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Aircraft handling crane, catapult, 40mm tubs
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Stern 40mm tubs, directors and crane
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Stack, citadel, masts
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Alabama poses in Ms 22 paint scheme
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Citadel, stacks, masts
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Stack and citadel
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Mk 38 16" gun director and Mk 37 5" director (foreground)
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Mk 12 and Mk 22 "orange peel" radar atop Mk 37 director
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40mm mounts and Mk 37 director