If you visit the battleship USS Alabama BB-60 in Mobile, Alabama, you'll find many exhibits and displays inside the "Big A". Not the least of them is this beautiful 1/8-Inch equal 1 foot (1:96) scale model of the first battleship USS Alabama BB-8. Launched May 18, 1898, USS Alabama BB-8 was commissioned October 16, 1900. She participated in the cruise of the Great White Fleet and was decommissioned May 7, 1920. USS Alabama was expended in the Billy Mitchell bomb tests off of the Virginia Capes. 

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This model was scratch-built by Robert D. Bracci of Stratford, Connecticut and was donated to the USS Alabama BB-60 Museum by Alexander (Sandy) Gaston of Fishers Island, New York. The model is the centerpiece of a number of photographs and artifacts of BB-8, including an interesting but inaccurate period print of the Battle of Santiago, Cuba.

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