This is my recent work IJN CA Tone. This kit is the Aoshima Tone in 1:700 scale. The appearance of kit is good, but needs some modification and detailing up. In my work, I highly referred Gakken special prints of the Tone class and web site 'Mechanisms of Imperial Japanese navy warships in 3-D' ( Good references make the work easy. I added some photos, which show my work in progress.

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For added detail, I used Toms IJN BB photo-etch sets and Voyager's photo-etch items were used for detailing of the flight deck and watertight doors. AA guns were from Fine Mold photo-etch items. In my opinion, Voyager AA gun is very nice appearance but too hard to build up. And so I changed to Fine Model items in this work. The cutters and boats are from Pit-Road.

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Byoung Dae Lee
Pohang, South Korea