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USS Arizona
1:96th Scale Model
Michael Winters

The model took me just over 3 years to put together. I had an estimate of 2000 hours when I had it appraised. It appraised out at just at $14,000.00. The hull is made of plywood with a central keel and full size cross sections about every 6 inches. The bow and stern are made of bass wood blocks. From the keel on up the sides I put down metal screen (the same stuff that is in your screen door). Over that is 2 layers of fiberglass cloth up to the top of the torpedo blister. From there on up it is bass wood sheeting. The deck is made from scribed bass wood glued down. The turrets are solid plastic found in a scrap bin. I bought the gun barrels from Warship Hulls. All of the 5" 50cal. and the 5" 38cal. came from H.R. The railing on the superstructure is etched brass The Dromedary.

Most of the boats are from Masterpieces in Miniature. All the superstructure was shaped using brass sheeting, as where the gun tubs. The bridge and gun directors where shaped using bass wood. The aft tri-pod mast took a full summer to build and incorporates just over 900 pieces of wood, brass, and plastic.

I scratch-built the aircraft catapults. The Kingfishers came from Floating Drydock, as did the plans. I made extensive use of Stillwell's USS Arizona book, available from USNI.

The Arizona will soon be on display at the Louisiana War Memorial in Baton Rouge. It will be accompanied by a portrait of Admiral Kidd with his saber and his medal of Honor. Admiral Kidd was killed on the Arizona at Pearl Harbor. In painting the ship I used Floquil marine colors, Battleship Gray and Anti Fouling Red. Great paints to air brush.

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