Armageddon Models of Houille, France has released the second of their 1/72nd scale World War Two landing craft kits -- the first being an American LCVP which came out last year. This particular kit is of the British "Landing Craft Assault", or LCA. It consists of 44 parts, injection molded in a pale gray plastic. Some of the fittings are a bit crude by today's standards, and resemble kits produced in Eastern Europe about 10 years ago. Still, the LCA is a straightforward build and shouldn't pose any problems for modelers of intermediate skill level or higher. There is a simple decal sheet for one craft that took part in the 6 JUN 1944 Normandy invasion. Painting instructions are vague at best; the one page exploded assembly diagram is adequate. No crew figures are included. In conclusion, with a bit of effort this could be made into a good model of an important class of landing craft from WW2.

lca-kit[1]60.JPG (146153 bytes) lca-kit[1]A.JPG (133820 bytes) lca-kit[1]B.JPG (120371 bytes) lca1[1]boxtop.JPG (178469 bytes)

Mike Leonard