Fast Attack Craft
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USS Asheville
PGM 84

JAG Collective
1:350 Scale Waterline Kit


Rob Mackie

Designed in the early 1960s, Asheville Class Patrol Gunboats were the US Navy's smallest oceangoing surface warships. Cheaper to operate (and more expendable) than larger vessels, they were intended for "close-in" use. Typically they would remain on-station for 7 or 14 days, with 3 day respites. Their shallow draft made them especially useful in the rivers and coastal waters of Vietnam, where they were used extensively for coastal blockade and river gunboat duties.

The JAG Collective USS Asheville is a 1:350 scale resin and etched brass kit. Casting quality on my pre-production sample was flawless throughout. There is extensive surface detail on the hull casting, which is almost 6" in length. The etched brass fret includes all necessary railing. Instructions are not available as yet, but this should be a very easy-to-build and satisfying kit of a most interesting subject. It will sell for US $38. See the JAG Collective page for availability.

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Vital Statistics
Asheville Class
Patrol Gunboat
Displacement 242 tons full load  Length 164' 6" oa beam 23' 11"
Maximum speed 38 knots, Endurance: 3,000nm @ 12 knots, 490nm @ 37.5 knots
Armament: One enclosed Mk 34 3"/50 forward, single 40mm aft, two twin .50 caliber mg,

Complement: 29

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Plan view
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Resin parts
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Etched brass artwork

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