With the Combrig selection of 1:700 scale Royal Navy battleships, battle cruisers and armored cruisers continuing to grow with a lot more to come, it is time to consider what set of brass railings to use to decorate the decks of the Combrig beauties. Some Combrig kits come without photo-etch and some come with a brass fret. However, the Combrig brass frets do not include railings. Many modelers have journeyed to the hallowed halls of White Ensign Models and purchased a WWI Queen Elizabeth fret for their rails. Great stuff but you are also purchasing many parts you can't use. Perhaps you have heard of Atlantic Models. Atlantic is the house brand of another one of WEM's hallowed Halls, Peter Hall to be exact. Peter produces a line of his own products in addition to doing a huge volume of work for WEM through the frequent floggings. Atlantic Models set ATEM08 is just what the Admiralty ordered for WWI and earlier railing. Entitled "Superfine Pre-Dreadnought Style Rails", the railings in this fret are indeed super-fine. They are very fine and delicate. Use care in removing them from the bag, for as you can see in the photographs, I disordered a couple of runs of railing in removing them from the bag. All railing runs have a bottom gutter/scupper. The fret contains seven 2-bar open stanchion runs; six 2-bar close stanchion runs; and six dropping rail 2-bar runs. Now where do you get this wonder? Well, oddly enough fabled ship model's emporium, White Ensign Models, seems to stock Peter's Atlantic Models line, as well as their own extensive range. Now go figure.

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