These are B&B 16-Inch/45 Mk6 brass barrels for my North Carolina. These are the newest on B&B's list and they are for the 1/350 scale North Carolina, Washington, South Dakota, Indiana, Massachusetts, and Alabama. These are finely turned brass barrels, that from my measurements "scale out" in not only length but overall diameter, taper, and bore diameter. The sectioning fits well with my drawings also. In my opinion these carry on the fine quality as we saw in Steve Nuttal's efforts. As soon as he gears up for the 5-Inch/38, I will be ordering a "bag full" for all the 1/350 scale projects coming up...not to mention other big gun applications in my mental "wannado" list ! The photos show installation in my Iron Shipwright North Carolina solid resin turrets. These were drilled out deep as the barrels do have "extra" length. I assume this is necessary in the turning process. I fitted one of these barrels to a Trumpeter turret and as these turrets are hollow, I will fill the turret with 2-part epoxy putty to provide a solid materiel into which holes can be drilled and the barrels set.

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Dave Judy