USS Belleau Wood, CVL-24, Independence Class Light Carrier
NAVYPLAN, 1:100 Scale Ships Plans

NAVYPLAN is a new producer of shipís plans. Included here are photographs from their four sheet/plate set on the USS Belleau Wood CVL-24. This light carrier was built on a Cleveland Class (New Haven CL-76) cruiser hull and had an air wing of around 30 to 40 aircraft, although the numbers did fluctuate. The class had the speed to keep up with the big Essex Class fleet carriers. The air group from Belleau Wood was responsible for sinking the Japanese carrier Hiyo in June 1944. One of the class, USS Princeton was sunk during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. After World War Two, two of the class were transferred to service in the Marine Nationale. Belleau Wood became Bois Belleau and Langley became Lafayette. The Cabot was transferred to Spain and became the Dťdalo. Only Bataan of the class served in the Korean War and wasnít deactivated until 1954.

BelleauWood5028fstacksp.JPG (69736 bytes) BelleauWood4617bofsup.JPG (105873 bytes) BelleauWood4621bowon.JPG (76335 bytes) BelleauWood4609OerlikonPlan.JPG (102948 bytes)

At 1:100 scale these plans are large. So large that I couldnít get an entire sheet in a picture frame. Each sheet measures around eight feet (244cm) by two 3/4 feet (84cm). There are four sheets in the set. Each sheet features one significant view and has numerous inset or margin drawings featuring details of fittings or equipment.

Sheet One- Starboard Profile- Also has history and statistics (in French) Detail Insets include: shipís propeller details, SBD-3 Dauntless details (plan, profile, front view, propeller), F6F-3 Hellcat details (plan, profile, front view, propeller), TBF-1 Avenger details (plan, profile, front view, propeller), front view of stack supports, front view of radar support arm and main radar, top view of main radar, front view of the three mast head radars with top views on two of them, front view of loud speaker.

BelleauWood5026starpro1-4.JPG (71621 bytes) BelleauWood4623sfgal.JPG (108290 bytes) BelleauWood5027sbdet.JPG (96779 bytes) BelleauWood5029middetsp.JPG (125584 bytes)

Sheet Two- Port Profile- Detail Insets include: support pattern for underside of Bofors platforms, main director, bow-on view in 1:100.

BelleauWood5032ppro2-4.JPG (60017 bytes) BelleauWood4618isleppro.JPG (122577 bytes) BelleauWood4619papro.JPG (79298 bytes) BelleauWood4620F6Fpro.JPG (125577 bytes)

Sheet Three- Plans of Flight Deck and Main Deck- Detail Insets include: 1:20 top and left side drawings of 20mm Oerlikon with front view of gun-sight, 1:24 front, back, top, right and left side views of the 40mm twin Bofors mount (includes design pattern of cross-hatching on deck of the gun mount) , isometric view of Mk 51 AA director in tub, boat winch detail front and side, 20mm ammunition lockers front and side, island plan, plans for the two mast platforms.

BelleauWood5033plan3-4.JPG (82395 bytes) BelleauWood4612paplan.JPG (146430 bytes) BelleauWood4613crane.JPG (97370 bytes) BelleauWood4614gallplan.JPG (84535 bytes)
BelleauWood4615bowplan.JPG (84825 bytes) BelleauWood4616isleplan.JPG (91308 bytes) BelleauWood4610boatwinch.JPG (89824 bytes) BelleauWood4611saBofor.JPG (104400 bytes)

Sheet Four- Hull Lines and Sections- Includes profile and bottom plan with lines and 26 designated sections, Detail Insets are bow-on view showing sections 1 through 14, stern on view showing sections 15 through 26.

BelleauWood5031hulllines4-4.JPG (62645 bytes) BelleauWood5035hulldet.JPG (65526 bytes) BelleauWood5030sections.JPG (96403 bytes)

There is everything here in set. They are clearly printed on thick paper stock and are obvious quality. If you followed these plans to build the Belleau Wood, the NavyPlan catalog states that the model would by 1.91 meters long. By my calculations, that is 6 feet 2 Ĺ inches long. Now thatís a large model. Priced at 120 Euros, this is an expensive set of plans but everything is there. Each set is printed from the master when an order is received. The catalog mentions that scale can be modified upon demand and that plans can be elaborated upon request.

BelleauWood4607tboferfront.JPG (122720 bytes) BelleauWood4608tbofleft.JPG (127352 bytes) NavyPlan4511catalogcover10v.JPG (31584 bytes)

NavyPlan: Contact- Jean-Manuel Soumarť; 30 Otsobideko Bidea- 64250 Espelette- FRANCE; 
Phone 05 59 93 97 47; FAX 05 59 93 81 21; e-mail