Here is my 1:200 scale scratch-built French battleship Bouvet. I used Evergreen plastic sheets, brass tubing of various diameters and photo-etched Gold Medal Models 1:200 scale two bar railing. My model represents Bouvet after modernization but before World War I. All photos and line drawing material were used from the Luc Feron book "Cuirasse D’Escadre Bouvet 1896". Huge thanks to Jim Bauman for giving me opportunity of using his materials for this ship. Additional photos of my model during construction you can found in the MY BOUVET folder:

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Here is some information on the real ship: She was 122.3m-long, powered by a 4800 hp steam engine, with a maximum speed of 17kn. Armament was two 305mm guns, plus two 274mm and 46 lesser guns. Four
torpedo tubes were carried. The Bouvet was a  French predreadnought battleship built during 1896. During WWI she tried to force the Dardanelles Strait in company with a British squadron of battleships. The Dardanelles were defended by Turkish forces, allied to Germany. On March 18, 1915, the Bouvet entered the Dardanelles, but the minefields were so extensive that she couldn't avoid a collision with a floating mine. The battleship was devastated by the explosion, and rapidly sank in the strait.
More then 670 men of the crew were lost and the allied force was repulsed with heavy losses.

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Eugene Drots
AKA Ramzay