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HMS Warspite

B Resina
1:700 Scale Waterline Kit

In-the-Box Review

Rob Mackie

Launched in 1915, the HMS Warspite is one of the most famous Royal Navy ships of the twentieth century. A Queen Elizabeth class battleship (the others were Barham, Malaya, Queen Elizabeth, and Valiant) she saw extensive action in both World Wars. The "QEs" were the first "fast battleships". They were well designed, armed with  excellent 15" main guns, and in general represented the state-of-the-battleship-art in 1915.

The Warspite was extensively modernized between wars. The B Resina kit shows her after her 1939 rebuild when she gained a fortress-like forward superstructure and lost her massive trunked funnels. If you wish to model an early (circa 1915) Queen Elizabeth class battleship, get the excellent Waveline 1/700th Queen Elizabeth - if you can find it (click here for the Warship review). It is temporarily out of production.

Like other B Resina kits, Warspite's casting quality is top notch. The edges of the hull casting and splinter shields are uniformly sharp, with neither voids nor resin overpour anywhere to be found. The hull scales out very close to published dimensions. Minimal cleanup is required and extensive amounts of structural detail are cast in. This makes for easy - and fast - assembly, a characteristic of B Resina kits. The eight barrel poms-poms are cast into the deck structures on which they sit. It sounds toy-like but B Resina brings it off. The poms poms are reasonably convincing, and once again construction effort is minimized. The smaller resin parts, cast into a paper-thin carrier film, are excellent. This is a Doc Modell (now known as WSW) trademark, not surprising as B Resina is affiliated with Doc Modell.

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Do-it-yourself comparison

There has been much conjecture about the source of B Resina's master patterns. Like other B Resina releases, their Warspite is in some respects a dead ringer for the Airfix 1/600th version of the same ship. Much of the detail has been refined and some quarterdeck inaccuracies fixed, but in most other respects the B Resina Warspite's main deck and superstructures are very similar to those of the Airfix kit. This is not necessarily a bad thing, especially as the Airfix kit is one of the better kits from that producer (click here for a review of the Airfix 1/600th Warspite). The B Resina kit even shares some of Airfix's idiosyncrasies, such as the ubiquitous "Aztec steps" and the flared barrels on the 15" guns. I suppose it is possible that B Resina has created a 1/600th master pattern based on the Airfix kit and then reduced it to 1/700 using a resin with the appropriate shrink rate. Either that or the B Resina pattern maker has a remarkable ability to duplicate the work of others but in a smaller scale. Most modelers won't care as long as the end result is reasonably accurate and of otherwise high quality.

The kit includes brass rod for the masts but no photo-etched brass. This is in keeping with the ease-of construction approach. Smaller fittings (catapults, cranes, barrels, floatplane et al) are clean white metal of generally decent quality. They are also closer to true 1/700 than some other B Resina releases. Instructions, though spare, are adequate to the task. In summary the B Resina 1/700th Warspite, while by no means the definitive kit of this famous ship, is nevertheless a solid product with which most modelers will be happy. It is especially suitable for newcomers to 1/700th resin and for those without the time or inclination to fiddle with photo-etched parts. Painted and rigged, it will build into a handsome model out of the box - Aztec steps and all. But at least fix those flared barrels.

B Resina kits are available in the USA from Pacific Front. Click the thumbnail images for full-size photos of the kit's parts, all of which are shown.

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Nice hull casting

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Stack and superstructure

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Smaller resin parts
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White metal parts
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Instructions 1 of 2
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Instructions 2 of 2

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