Completed two years ago this is my model of the U.S.S. Brooklyn, in 1/96th scale. The model is about 4 feet long, and is R/C. The model was scratch built of aspen and pine in the traditional bread and butter method. She took 680 hours over the course of one year to complete. The Brooklyn was the 3rd armored cruiser (the New York and the 2nd class battleship Maine were completed before) to be completed for the new steel navy. The Brooklyn was present at Santiago, on July 3rd 1898, the date that the Spanish fleet sortied from that harbor. Under the command of Commodore Schley (in temporary command of the fleet due to Admiral Sampson's absence), the Brooklyn was instrumental in the complete destruction of the Spanish squadron. With the loss of this naval force, Spain's ability to prosecute the war to a successful conclusion was seriously diminished.

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Tim Quinlan