If you've got this kit on a shelf gathering dust, think twice before opening the box. This kit requires much work and will frustrate you, no matter your proficiency level. When I finished my Fletcher, I was in the midst of writing a book on the ship and had access to countless information sources. This proved to be a major aid in getting this ship built. It actually influenced my writing, as I designed the book around the research requiremed to build the model. Even now, long after finishing the model, I view these photos and I see countless things I should have replaced, corrected or added.  If I had to do it again, I would use HR Products fittings, as well as other off-the-shelf fittings. Minor details such as lifeboat davits, railing stanchions, and hose reels can make a fair model look great, even if the parts are slightly out of scale. I have forgotten much of what I did to the Lindbergh Fletcher, so this article only leaves out many modifications. Turning this kit into an attractive replica is a struggle, but in the end you'll have a large, eye-catching Fletcher for your efforts.

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