To the Barricades, Mes Amis! Happy Bastille Day! These are photos of my build of the L'Arsenal 1/350 scale Casabianca submarine kit.    It is basically out of the box with the addition of the rigging and some scrap PE for the rigging anchor point aft.    I decided to build the model in a pre-/early-war fit when large red pennant numbers were painted on the sail.  It is a great kit and quite a large submarine.   The only tricky part was the railings which have individual stanchions that need to be folded at 90 degrees at the bases.  It was difficult to do this and not mangle the brass a bit.   The kit was painted using Humbrol Midnight Blue (#15) which was the closest match to the Outremer Blue which was the color used on French submarines.

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Felix Bustelo
Chef Pomme de Terre des Sans Culotte