Clara Blumenfeld was one of the many coal supply chips of Kaiserliche Marine during WWI. She was built in 1918 by Bremer Vulkan yard for Bernhard Blumenfeld from Hamburg. Mobilized in August 1914 as Kohleschiff 8 (German coal ship), and returned to the owner in September 1916. In 1920 she was sold to Belgium and renamed to Borinage, then she was sold to Estonia in 1930 to become the Sulev. She was the British Sulev since 1940 and in 1950 was sold to Panama as the Pacora until scrapped in 1954, so she had a pretty long and rather lucky life.

Vital statistics
Displacement : cca. 5 450 tons
Dimensions : 97,53 x 12,80 x 5,70 m
Speed : 12 knots

Shortly after completion of tanker Loki, I decided to add a coal ship to my collection also, but please don't ask me why this particular ship. Maybe she had something of that vintage sex appeal of an old cargo ship. I also own plans of other ships, but this time Clara is my choice. After finishing my model I decided to add her to a slightly modified Santa Elena seaplane tender diorama.

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Dariusz Mazurowski
Gdansk - Poland