Sevastopol was the third and last battleship of the Petropavlovsk Class. Petropavlovsk, Poltava, and Sevastopol were all laid down in May 1892 but the first two were launched in 1894 with Sevastopol following in 1895. All three were completed in 1899.Sevastopol could be distinguished from the other two by having shorter funnels. All three were part of the First Pacific Squadron at the outbreak of the Russo-Japanese War. Sevastopol was scuttled in deep water at the surrender of Port Arthur. 

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The Combrig 1/700 scale Sevastopol I suspect this to be one of the pirated copies that were doing the rounds because the resin, unlike Combrigís usually quite crisp and brittle resin was soft and pliable to be almost rubbery! The lower masts, guns and derricks were replaced with scratch-built items, along with many modifications, most of which I hope are correct! 

All photographs were taken by Caroline Snyder and are the property of White Ensign Models.

(Editorís Note: Combrig has changed its resin mixture. Early Combrig kits were made of the crisp and brittle resin mentioned by Jim. The mixture used now, does not have that earlier brittle quality.)