The Admiral Ushakov was one of three of a class of coast defense battleships built by Russia in the 1890s. All three were made part of the 3rd Pacific Squadron and dispatched to catch up with the 2nd Pacific Squadron heading around Cape Good Hope. The 3rd Squadron however, went through the Suez Canal and finally caught up with the main force off of French Indo-China (Vietnam). Although the commander of the Russian force did not want these ships with him and described them as "self sinkers", at the Battle of Tsushima, they put up a valiant fight and in many ways performed better than the big first line battleships of the Borodino Class. Bob Cicconi bought the 1:700 scale Admiral Ushakov produced by Combrig from Pacific Front Hobbies. He added photo-etch rails, extra boats, secondary armament, etc., and scratch-built the masts. He rigged the small battleship with stretched sprue.

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