There are four different resin model kits of The Pack of Players. That was the nickname given to the Askold, Imperial Russian Protected Cruiser, by the seamen of the Royal Navy. Player's Cigarettes came in packs of five at the time. The five tall, slender funnels of the striking Russian cruiser, reminded the seamen of the shape of the cigarettes in the pack.

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The fact that there are four different kits available of this one-off cruiser is a testament to its unique and very appealing design. Three of the four kits of Askold are in 1:700 scale but Quintin Trammell has built the largest of the available models of Askold. In his build of the 1:350 scale kit of Askold, produced by Combrig, Quintin went beyond the significant detail provided in the kit to add quite an amount of extra detail.

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