This is Kombrig Bayan. The ship was built in 1911 and was of the same type and name as the Bayan lost during Russo-Japanese War. As built, it displaced 7,330 tons and had two 8-inch, eight 6-inch and twenty 75mm guns. Bayan took part in almost all of the combat operations of the Russian Baltic Fleet during WWI. During the winter of 1915-16 it was uparmed with deletion of all of the 75mm guns and addition of one more 8-inch gun and four more 6-inch guns. In this configuration it took part in the Battle of Moonzund (Osel) and together with Pre-dreadnought Battleships Slava and Grazhdanin (formerly Tsesarevich) engaged two German Koenig class battleships. It was hit by one 12-inch round but the damage was not serious. It was placed in reserve in May 1918 and sold for scrap in 1921.

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The model itself was of very good quality. The only problems were inaccurate aft superstructure, which I modified and the some slight inaccuracies in the forward superstructure, which was more reminiscent of the original 1903 Bayan. Other than those two minor things, the kit is excellent. I've used the WEM Askold photo-etched fret and Tom's Modelworks photo-etched railings. Masts are scratch built as are the main boat davits. All of the guns were replaced with hypodermic tubing. The rigging is made from black pantyhose.

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Vladimir Yakubov