USS Olympia is a partnership project, firstly because of Steve Backer's wonderful review (click for review of the Combrig Olympia) of the ship, which got me interested in the subject, and motivated Bobby Cicconi to go and take numerous photographs of the real thing. Bobby's contribution was vital not only because he knows what pictures to take from a modeler's point of view but his eagerness and enthusiasm embodies the kindness and friendship of this ship builder’s community. Because of the amount of detailed supplied, the build took that much longer to consider and execute, and obviously I had to pay Bobby back for his hard work. I therefore call this a partnership effort, and attribute the work to all three of us. I have seen USS Olympia on the site before but thought it would be a challenge to try and imagine what she would look like going off to the Manila Bay battle. I understand that grey green is the assumed colour, and looking at the contemporary paintings which show a battleship grey. I think that I can't be far away from the truth adding in various washes to the composition, and some weathering. My build kit is the usual photo-etch rails, steps, doors, and figures but now I am sure that stretched sprue is the only rigging to use.

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Peter Fulgoney