The Tsessaravitch was built from the 1/700 scale Kombrig kit with embellishments. The boat davits are scratch-built from photo-etch scraps, drilled and assembled into a girder section. I must get out more! The basic kit is good, though a bit basic. I scratch-built the fighting tops and backdated the ship to as built.

Tsesaravitch7a.jpg (81541 bytes) Tsesaravitch6a.jpg (124913 bytes) Tsesaravitch17v.jpg (109276 bytes) Tsesaravitch  8a.jpg (104728 bytes)

The usual additions are the stanchions and struts, I also opened the scuttles and deployed their covers open, to accentuate the fabulous tumblehome. The biggest adventure on this model was constructing the accommodation ladders. The roof of the armoured conning tower was constructed from the plastic sleeve of a Drawing pin (thumbtack). It had nice raised edges, was circular and was the right size! The deck hatches all had their covers raised and the ports inked in. It is one of my favorite ship models.

Tsesaravitch5a.jpg (56624 bytes) Tsesaravitch 2a.jpg (55636 bytes) Tsesaravitch 3a.jpg (52369 bytes)

Jim Baumann

(Editorís Note: Jimís Tsarevitch won best ship and best of show at Yeovilton February 2003, per noted scribe and show historian, John Snyder.)