I back dated the Corsair Armada 1:700 scale USS Northampton kit from as sunk configuration to as she was at the beginning of the war. I removed tubs around the aft superstructure and enlarged the forward funnel (done to reduce stack gasses on the bridge). I made the search light platform under the forward tripod mast.  Replaced the cranes, catapults, anchors, and radar with photo etched parts (Tom's Modelworks Northampton class cruisers).  Added photo etched ladders, rails, and aft superstructure window frames.  Built the aircraft crane strong back and both masts from metal wire for strength for rigging.  Added one each White Ensign and Trumpeter SOC Sea gulls, I folded the outboard wing of the WEM SOC.  I rigged the ship with invisible thread.  There were no major issues building this kit, the resin was in good shape (this is a late in the run kit molded in light gray resin), no pin holes were obvious.  I painted her Measure 1/Measure 5 (light gray 5L over dark gray 5D with a false bow wave).  The horizontal metal surfaces are painted pre-war deck gray and the wood is teak.  I used ModelMaster acrylic gray 5D for the dark, White Ensign deck gray and teak and mixed my own 5L using gray 36622 and flat white in a TLAR measure (That Looks About Right).  I used ModelMaster light gull gray for the SOC.  This is the first ship of the class and I have materials to build all six of the ships though I'll have to use spares to build the Chester as there are no specific issue kits of her.  There are some in progress shots of the ship in the IPMS discussion board under ships.

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Robert Dedmon