If you have the Dragon USS Buchanan DD-484, you have probably the best detailed injected plastic warship kit released to date. The Dragon kit does have a brass director but no photo-etch for railings. Cyber-Hobby, a division of Dragon USA, has a new photo-etch set designed specifically for the new kit. One item is a preformed director radar that has significantly better detail than the one included in the kit. This part has an open grid array as opposed to the solid brass piece included in the kit. There is a separate horizontal bar upon which the array is mounted, end caps and back supports to present an intricate assembly for this radar. The other parts on the fret provide all of the railing needed to complete the kit. All of this railing comes beautifully relief-etched. Multiple patterns are included. Some are open and some have safety nets. The navigation bridge has canvas covering. Drooping railing is found throughout. The Cyber-Hobby/Dragon set can be acquired directly from Dragon USA in their cyber-hobby.com section.

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