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"Convoy JW58  to Russia, 1944"
1/700 Diorama
Chris Drage

Bluebell.jpg (31633 bytes)
Flower class corvette Bluebell
Hsuckle1.jpg (45412 bytes)
Honeysuckle & Liberty Ship
HSuckle2.jpg (37878 bytes)
Liberty.jpg (44727 bytes)
Liberty Ship
Lotus1.jpg (36258 bytes)
Corvette Lotus
Lotus2.jpg (35170 bytes)
Corvette Lotus
Tracker.jpg (44624 bytes)
Escort carrier HMS Tracker
Tracker2.jpg (47120 bytes)
Closeup of Tracker's air wing
Tracker3.jpg (35881 bytes)
HMS Tracker

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The diorama depicts HM corvettes Bluebell (K80), Lotus (K180 - the mine sweeper)  and Honeysuckle (K27) of the close A.S. escort (attached to Capt J. Walker's Second Escort Group). The carrier is HMS Tracker, whose 846 squadron attacked and destroyed a number of FW condors and shared in the kills of at least three U-boats (U288 with her own aircraft alone). 

The merchantmen in the convoy are represented by the well laden Liberty
.  The Flower class corvettes are White Ensign kits (two partly scratched built).  Note the higher, modified bridge on Honeysuckle. Tracker is the Skywave kit (partly sctratch built).  The Liberty is a Tom's  Modelworks kit.  All models are 1/700 scale.

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