This is a diorama of the USS Antietam CV-36, shortly after it was fitted with the US Navy's 1st Angled-Deck.  Following the start of this kit I engaged in research to explore different color schemes.  What I discovered was that this ship's home port was Quonset Point Naval Base and Air Station located in North Kingstown RI .  This old, historic base, is located only 5 minutes from my house.  Since I was a young boy I have explored the reamains of this base, once the largest industrial naval station in the Northeast, United States .  It opened in the early 40's and was closed in 1975.  The carrier pier is still intact so I choose this as the inspiration of this project.  The dock buildings and dock sections are made up with a combination of Battle Fleets Dock Sections and Buildings, as well as other accessories from Tamiya's 1/700 Dock Accessory kit. The remainder of the details include many parts from my "spare-box" collection, including a Navy Tug included with the Dragon Antietam Kit as a bonus. 

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Paul S Teixeira
Coventry , Rhode Island