Though I have been fiddling around with ship kits over the last few years, this is my VERY FIRST COMPLETED ship, finally! The ship was built from the Dragon 1/700 Oliver Hazard Perry Frigate kit. Extra details were from a photo-etch detail set from Flagship Models, and some minor brass wire for antennas, etc. The ship was spray painted from spray can paint - Testors Gull Gray, and the decks were brushed painted with dark gray. The ship is mounted on a small piece of "hammered" (rippled) shower door glass that I had cut from a local glass shop. The glass was spray painted a gloss dark blue, and the wake and water was made from a combination of silicone caulk and white paint.

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 I photographed the ship intentionally on a partly sunny day to have clouds. Outside, carefully and securely the edge of a table, I propped the model up at an angle pointing at the sky. Using a tripod and my digital camera, I photographed the model angling up so the glass and the sky met with a horizon effect. The different numerals on port and starboard are not a mistake. I completed the model for a friend who served on both USS Duncan FFG-10 and USS John A. Moore FFG-19, who asked for both numerals. I can't wait to begin on my next project, and hopefully I won't be as stubborn, self-critical and slow.

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Timothy J. Barron