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Prinz Eugen May 1941
Prinz Eugen
Iron Shipwright
1:350 Scale Kit

Rob Mackie

The Prinz Eugen and her sister ships, Admiral Hipper and Blucher, were very impressive heavy cruisers. They were far more capable - at least on paper - than contemporary designs, not surprising given that Germany was not a signatory to the Washington Treaty. The Prinz Eugen, the last of the three to be completed in 1940, was actually slightly longer (by 6 feet) and heavier than her sister ships, though her armament was the same.

The Prinsz Eugen is perhaps best known for her participation, along with Bismarck, in the 1941 sinking of HMS Hood. Her 8" guns scored hits on both Hood and Prince of Wales. She was considered a lucky ship and survived the war, only to be expended as a target in the 1946 Bikini atom bomb tests.

Profile 6 Cover Prinsz Eugen.jpg (81930 bytes)First Published in 1971 and now out of print, Warship Profile 6: KM Prinz Eugen is an excellent source of information about this famous German heavy cruiser. Written by Paul Schmalenbach, the Prinz Eugen's gunnery officer, some of the photos are stunning, such as the cover picture showing the Prinz Eugen during the February 1942 Channel Breakthrough.
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KM Prinz Eugen
Vital Statistics
Displacement: 19,000 tons full load
Length: 681' oa, 654' wl
Beam: 71'9"
Eight 8" (4x2), twelve 4.1" (6x2),
twelve 3.7cm (6x2); eight 2cm (8x1)
Torpedoes: Twelve 21" (4x3)
Aircraft: three, one catapult
Complement: 1,600

The Iron Shipwright Prinsz Eugen is a 1:350 scale one-piece full hull model. At over 23 inches in length it longer than some 1:350 scale capital ships and includes many resin parts. The kit includes an extensive etched brass fret as well as a decal sheet. These will be added to the preview, along with the instructions, in early March.

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The Prinz Eugen will be available late March 1999. Pricing is yet to be decided. For further information contact Iron Shipwright and take a look at the resin parts in the photo gallery below.

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Quarterdeck profile
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Hangar deck
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Gun houses, directors
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Misc small resin parts
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Bow profile
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Deck level
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Funnel and deck
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Bridge levels
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Tennessee and Prinz Eugen
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Stern detail
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USS Tennessee and Prinz Eugen
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Superstructure levels
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