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United States Navy
Evarts Class
Destroyer Escort

1:350 Scale
Produced by Iron Shipwright

The Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale Evarts Class Destroyer Escort is a one piece full-hull model. There were 97 ships in this class, of which 32 went to the Royal Navy where they were referred to as Captain Class frigates. The kit includes both quad 1.1" and 40mm options as well as two styles of gun tub.  It is an all resin kit and includes a customized etched brass fret.  The price is $105, but customers ordering the model direct from Iron Shipwright can get it for $89, which includes free air mail shipping worldwide. 

Click on the thumbnail images below for full size pics of the Evarts Class Destroyer Escort

For More information contact

Commander Series Models, Inc.
Iron Shipwright Division
551 Wegman Road
Rochester, NY  14624

Phone: 1-888-IRONSHIP  (1-888-476-6744)
Email: dparis@eznet.net

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Etched Brass
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