The medium sized AA gun in 40mm size has always been popular. Most modelers will think of the long barreled 40mm Bofors gun, which was the best medium range AA ordnance during World War Two. However, the Royal Navy introduced its own 40mm AA gun a decade earlier with the weapon system more commonly called the 2pdr Pom-Pom. The Pom-pom had a much shorter barrel than the Bofors and had nowhere near the effectiveness of the Swedish gun but the RN hung with it throughout the war. The eight barreled mount was found only on the largest ships and then only in a few of these big mounts on each ship. In addition to producing a photo-etch fret designed specifically for the Tamiya Prinz Eugen in 1:700 scale (Click for review of Flyhawk Prinz Eugen set), Flyhawk has also produced some brass frets devoted to different makes of ordnance, also in 1:700 scale. This is the Flyhawk set FH 700005 with parts for five eight-barreled RN pom-poms. Each mount is composed of eleven parts: base ring, gun mount deck, gun mount, guns, two ammunition belts/boxes, gun sight, four safety railing.

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