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USS Hull
Farragut Class Destroyer

Iron Shipwright
1:350 Scale
Full Hull Model

Rob Mackie

Commissioned in 1934, USS Hull DD-350 was one of eight Farragut class destroyers. Other class members were Farragut,Dewey, MacDonough, Worden, Dale, Monaghan, and Aylwin. These were the first new US destroyers since the WWI vintage "4 pipers". The Farraguts were considered vastly superior to their predecessors in many respects. They were better sea boats, faster and armed with the superb 5"/38 mount, the finest dual purpose naval gun of its time. Gunnery control was the new MK 33 director, also a highly effective design. Weight was at a premium, so only the forward two guns were shielded, and these with distinctive bulged shields open at the rear. Both Hull and her sister ship Monaghan went down with heavy loss of life in a 1944 typhoon off the Philippines.

Macdonough as built.jpg (127361 bytes)
USS MacDonough DD-351 as built
(sister ship of USS Hull)

USS Hull DD-350
Vital Statistics

Displacement: 1,365 tons standard; 2,335 tons full load
Length: 341'3" oa, 331' wl; Beam: 34'3"
Performance: 36.5kts maximum range: 5,800nm @ 15kts
Guns (as built): five 5"/38 caliber, four .5"mg
Torpedoes: eight 21" in two quad mounts
Complement: 250

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USS MacDonough later in war

The Iron Shipwright USS Hull is a 1:350 scale one-piece full hull model. It depicts Farragut in its 1944 fit. By that time its midship 5" open mount had been landed, to be replaced with four 40mm guns (2x2); and 20mm cannons supplanted the ineffective .5" machine guns as light AA weapons. The kit includes all necessary etched brass. It is now available direct from Commanders Models, Inc., as well as dealers that regularly stock this line (Pacific Front, Rocky Mountain Shipyard, APC Hobbies et al). 

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Farragut hull fwd.jpg (12032 bytes)
Forward hull
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Aft hull
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Plan view
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Funnels, gun decks
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Small resin parts
Farragut pe.jpg (48415 bytes)
Etched brass