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Erzherzog Ferdinand Max

Austro-Hungarian Battleship
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1:700 Scale
Waterline Resin Model

Ted Paris

Launched in 1905, the Austro-Hungarian battleship Erzherzog Ferdinand Max was one of three Erzherzog Karl class battleships (the third was Erzherzog Friedrich). Dock space limitations and budgetary constraints resulted in a compact class, but nevertheless well designed and adequately protected. However they were inferior to the more modern Dreadnought type designs – with their all big gun armament and turbine propulsion – on the ways while Erzherzog Karl class battleships were under construction. This limited their WW1 usage to shore bombardment and other secondary tasks.
Vital Statistics
Erzherzog Ferdinand Max
Laid down:
9 Mar 04  Launched 21 May 05 Completed: 17 June 06
Length: 126.24m (oa) 124.35m (wl)  Beam: 21.8m  Draft: 7.5m
Displacement: 10,742 tons
Armament: four 24cm (2x2), twelve 19cm (8 casemates, 4 single)
twelve 66mm (12x1), six 47mm

Torpedo Tubes: two beam mounted 45cm tubes
Machinery: vertical triple expansion, 12 boilers, 18,000 shp=20.5 knots

Complement: 740 officers & men
Sister Ships: Erzherzong Karl, Erzherzog Friedrich
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The WSW Erzherog Ferdinand Max comes packaged in a sturdy box containing instructions, hull (bubble wrapped), small parts in sealed bags, and brass rod in various diameters. The instructions are comprised of two pages. The first contains an illustrated and numbered parts list, while the second shows parts placement via three drawings (one side and two overhead). Part numbers in these views correspond to the parts list. This makes identification easy, and placement is clear and obvious. There is also a scrap view showing dimensions of brass rod needed for the masts. Though spare and without frills, the instructions are adequate, even for beginners.

Resin Casting
The resin hull is straight, flat and ready to be built upon. This is an impressive piece of resin casting that will bring a smile to any modeler’s face. It is accurate according to my references and detail abounds. Even the anchors are cast in place. This eliminates having to add etched brass, unless you wish to add railing.

Two methods are employed for the casting of small parts. Some of them (primarily small parts) are cast with 360 degree detail. Parts cast in this manner are attached to easily removed trees and consist of ships boats, davits, armament, searchlights and funnels. All of these are ready for attachment, requiring minimal cleanup. Especially noteworthy are the gun barrels cast in situ.

Remaining resin parts – primarily bridge levels and boat supports – are cast into paper-thin (.002") wafers. Very little finishing is required before attaching to the hull. Because the wafer is so thin, one need not flat-sand these parts, but simply peel away the resin carrier film. Thus the mating surface is flat, which minimizes seam filling when attaching to adjoining parts. As an aside, enough brass rod is included for three or more kits of this size, though in common with other WSW kits, there is no photo-etched brass. I added Toms Modelworks railing to my model. This is not necessary but does add nicely to an already fine kit.

Preparation and cleaning are minimal, taking approximately 30 minutes. Assembly is straightforward. Expect to spend 4+ hours depending on skill and dexterity, plus an additional several hours painting. The expertly cast weapons allow one to build Ferdinand Max out-of-the-box with minimal fiddling or the necessity of purchasing aftermarket guns.

The model builds into an accurate and complete model of SMS Ferdinand Max. Construction is easy, and I guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results. WSW kits are among the finest 700 scale models available, and this one is no exception. The Ferdinand Max is suitable for both resin newcomers and advanced modelers. Highly recommended.
(6 Aug 2000)

Erzherzog Ferdinand Max
Resin Parts

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Hull Profile
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Midship Detail
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Quarterdeck Detail
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Main Guns and Secondary Armament
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Funnels, Bridge Levels et al
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Boats and Davits
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Box Art

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