This build is a fully scratch-built 1/48 scale model of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Firebush  ( WLB-393). The Firebush was a 180 foot ocean going buoy tender commissioned in July of 1944 and decommissioned in 2003. Presently she is serving in the Nigerian Navy as the Nss Nwamba The model represents the way she looked back in December of 1977, while I was aboard her during a High School break when I was with the Naval Sea Cadets. Duty on a buoy tender as I remember,  is never a dull moment. Their responsibilities include, maintaining aids to navigation, light icebreaking duties as well as search and rescue and law enforcement. The model is of plank on frame construction of balsa and plywood. Plastic rod and brass wire used throughout. The ships boats were carved out of balsa and fiber-glassed. The 20mm are HR products. As always a big thank you goes out to my friend Mike for his contribution for this project. Overall she measures 45 inches, and took just over a year for completion. Choosing 1/48 scale this time was a break from the usual. As I normally work in 1/96 scale (USCGC Dallas, USS Turner Joy); I thought I could instill more detail in this model. I enjoyed building her as I took with me some fond memories while I was aboard her.

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Robert Rodriguez
Greensboro ,   North Carolina