So you are building one of the many 1:700 scale IJN warships? Does your model come with those oft overlooked, everyday work-a-day fittings the fairleads? Sometimes called open or closed chocks depending upon their design, these deck edge fittings were designed to secure cables to the ship. With some kits they are not even there. With others they are there but way too thick or of the wrong pattern. With Flyhawk photo-etch set FH700017 you receive hundreds of relief-etched fairleads/open chocks in nine different patterns. Now there is no reason for your Atago to float away from the pier.

fair571.JPG (95768 bytes) fair551.JPG (115432 bytes) fair601.JPG (197385 bytes)
fair631.JPG (139079 bytes) fair641.JPG (146515 bytes) fair701.JPG (142893 bytes)