In case you have not noticed it, the availability of 1:350 scale models of Imperial Japanese Navy subjects has exploded. Whether you prefer battleships and carriers, cruisers or the workaholic destroyers, you now have a wide array of classes and manufacturers to choose from. Since these newer models are made in plastic, there are limitations in the medium and the models can be substantially improved with after market parts for various equipment and fittings. An oft neglected fitting that appears in numerous locations of all types of IJN is the door and Flyhawk Model has the perfect brass photo-etch complement to any type of IJN warship.

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Flyhawk Model set FH 350003, IJN Water Tight Doors provides 98 quality, relief-etched doors and hatches in 15 unique designs. Most are doors with 70 doors and 28 hatches. All of the doors come as one-piece parts that fold to provide interior surface, exterior surface and door frame. With each piece you can fold the piece to portray the door open at the angle of your choice or fully closed. The 12 door designs range in size and door pattern with square and oval tops. Two patterns have open portholes in the door and two double doors are provided. Hatches come in three patterns. One pattern is for small closed patches but the other two are larger personnel access hatches that can be portrayed as opened or closed. With open hatches the hatch supports will run to the deck and add an extra flare to the model. 

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