In the 1920s and 1930s most major navies had a presence in tropical waters in the Pacific. The USN in the Philippines and some smaller island, the RN almost anywhere, the French in Indochina and Polynesia and the Japanese in various island chains. Tropical heat degraded the efficiency of crews in many locations, especially in engine rooms and turrets. Engine rooms had heat generated by the machinery but at least were far removed from solar radiation. Turrets and gun houses were different. When buttoned up there was very little ventilation, plus, since they were exposed to the sun, solar radiation on the exterior crown and sides would turn them into kilns. The Imperial Japanese Navy came up with a unique solution in the form of insulation panels for their turrets. The panels were attached to the sides and crown of the turret with an air void between the panel and turret, insulating the turret from heat created by direct exposure to solar radiation. 

With Flyhawk Model photo-etch set FH 700093 you can apply this unique feature to your 1:700 203mm (8-inch) turrets for the IJN heavy cruiser kits. Designed specifically for Aoshima kits, the relief-etched parts are present for five turrets, three for turrets without directors and two for turrets with directors. Parts consist of panels for each side, the crown, the front face and rear face. Additionally Flyhawk provides turret crown railing and large tripod radio tower. 

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