In addition to producing brass photo-etch sets for specific kits, such as the Tamiya 1:700 scale Prinz Eugen (click for Flyhawk Prinz Eugen set review) and sets for ordnance (click for Flyhawk Quad Bofors Review), Flyhawk Model also produces fittings frets. These photographs show Flyhawk Model set FH 700003, German KM Windows Set. As you can see, this set consists of seven styles of windows found in the warships of the Kriegsmarine. All of these portals are relief etched, and include the rigole (eyebrow). One style is without a porthole cover (#2). All of the others include the porthole. Four styles are standard round portholes but with the cover hinged at different points (#1,3,4,5). The last two styles are square windows with covers hinged at the side or on the bottom (#6,7).

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