Flyhawk Models has introduced a new line of brass after market accessories for 1:700 scale model warships. This one is the brass main mast for the 1:700 scale Prinz Eugen. Flyhawk set FH 700154 includes turned brass and relief-etched photo-etched brass parts for a complete replacement of the main mast. The turned brass parts are the legs of the tripod, which taper as they get higher. Two turned brass mast legs are included. The instructions show that the bottom 11mm are cut and used as the short outboard legs. This before the masts start to taper. The photo-etch fret includes a highly detailed asymmetrical platform with relief-etched deck pattern. The railing for the platform is attached and simply folded up and folded to follow the perimeter of the platform. Two smaller upper platforms with detailed yardarms are also included. Upper yard arms and main platform supports also are provided. Finally, Flyhawk even provides a fitting found only in 1945 on the Prinz Eugen.

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